Thursday, July 12, 2018

Loving and Learning in Lodi July 15 2018

            Sometimes I have a ‘long fuse.’ Something happens that upsets me. I can feel irritation that could turn into frustration and anger. But, it subsides. I go on my way.
            Sometimes I have a ‘short fuse.’ Something happens that upsets me. I can feel irritation that does turn into frustration and anger. It doesn’t subside. I say or do something that I later regret.
            Sunday, we look at the fruit of the Spirit, patience…the fruit of the Spirit that helps us restrain our impulses for irritation and anger…
                                                                                    See you Sunday,
                                                                                                 Pastor Diane  

From our prayer time on Sunday, July 8th:
~Clay Vaughn will be 23 on Wednesday and looks forward to continuing his job and helping others.
~Missy Laughlin shared that Colin has a birthday on Saturday - he will be 17 and looks forward to graduating high school (this is happening too quickly!)
~Rich Serafin let us know that Anne has a birthday coming up - she will be 73 years young and wants to continue helping her buddy (Kenny) and others.
~Neil McLoda thanked everyone for the prayers and cards and said he is recovering well from his hip replacement.
~Martha Zona thanked us for our prayers for her grandson who had a second surgery and is now home from the hospital and doing okay.
~Ruth Anderson shared that Dottie is in San Diego because on Monday evening Breanna will get her "white doctor's coat" and start her physical therapy residency.
~Ruth Anderson also thanked everyone for the calls, prayers, and cards after her recent fall and she has decided the elevator is a good thing!
~Anne Serafin thanked us for the prayers and cards for Kenny and please keep praying for him and Sonny.
~Cindy Namerow shared that her mom had an x-ray and her shoulder is mending.  She also shared that there was a shed fire in Sterling last night and thankfully no one and no animals were hurt.
~Rev. Diane thanked us for the prayers and let us know that her fingers are healing nicely.
~Cindy Namerow asks for continued prayers for the children trapped in the cave in Thailand.
~Deanne Heitkamp let us know that Bob is going in for his third try at leg surgery on Wednesday.  Please pray for him and for the doctor.
~Pat Geissman requests prayers for her granddaughter Kerri who is suffering from ulcers in her small intestines; and also for Kerri's friend's sister who overdosed Thursday.  She is in a coma and her kidneys are failing.
~Ruth Anderson asks for prayers for John Kimble's cousin, Greg, whose hands were burned in an accident in San Diego.
~Rev. Diane asks for prayers for the children separated from their parents and families at our borders.
Recovering: Garry Moore, Tom Repp, Rev. Donna VanTrees, Ken Wiley
Cancer: Diane McMahon, Rich Serafin, Terry Gayner, Zachary, Delbert Miller
Rev. Diane and family with her oldest sister’s death

Sunday, July 15th, 2018
Liturgist:        Bob Wooley                                                    Greeters:  Cindy Namerow
Hymns:           Come! Come! Everybody Worship                verses 1 - 3                  TFWS #2271                                                          Where the Spirit of the Lord Is                                                   TFWS #2119
                        This Is My Father’s World                              verses 1 - 3                  #144
                        Be Still My Soul                                             verses 1 – 3                 #534

Scripture                                            Ephesians 4:1 - 6                               Common English Bible

            Therefore, as a prisoner for the Lord, I encourage you to live as people worthy of the call you received from God. Conduct yourselves with all humility, gentleness, and patience. Accept each other with love, and make an effort to preserve the unity of the Spirit with the peace that ties you together. You are one body and one spirit, just as God also called you in one hope. There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one God and Father of all, who is over all, through all, and in all.

Leader:    The word of God for the people of God.                           People:    Thanks be to God.


A Thank You and a Need for Help: The ‘Thank You’ goes to Larry and Letha Mapes for so faithfully keeping our church’s yard and flower beds looking spectacular for so many years! Our only rival was their very own yard a few houses down the hill! For all the hard work and the beauty they brought to our church, we are forever in their debt! Thank you, Larry and Letha!
            Subsequently, the need for help comes from the Trustees needing help in mowing and maintaining our church’s yard and flower beds. If you can help with mowing or tending the flower beds, please let our Trustee Chairperson, Don Graves know. You can reach him at 330-620-3453. The Trustees are open to a rotating schedule of people who would look after the property. Thanks for considering it!

United Methodist Women meet this Saturday at 9:30 am. All women of the church are welcome.

School My Sheep: August 4th Well, you've done it again!  We never cease to be amazed by what this church can do when you put your mind to accomplishing something! We have purchased or received the following;
    Headphones 100    Done!                                           Wired mice for computers 110   Done!
    Book Bags (large and small)   Total 45                       college ruled paper packs 16
    1"  Binders   14
            And, and and....all 3 school principals are in the loop.  An email was sent to all Cloverleaf families today from Mrs. Jamie Lormeau (High School Principal) alerting them to the even and asking them to donate if able.   
            Feel free to bring in your items so we can keep updating!  God is Good! We could really use plastic totes!  Boxes aren’t holding up as well.   Put your name on it, and it WILL be returned!

Katrina (330)819-6890     Larry (330)887-5224   

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Loving and Learning in Lodi July 8 2018

            Peace is this week’s fruit of the Spirit that we will look at in worship. Being a person of peace…being a peacemaker demands great maturity on our part…a maturity that looks beyond our personal desires and beliefs…a maturity that puts ourselves in the shoes of the other person to better understand them and to work together on common goals and concerns…a maturity that stretches us to build bridges of understanding in our interactions with others.
                                                                                                            See you Sunday,
                                                                                                                         Pastor Diane  

Since our prayer time on Sunday:
from Dottie - John's cousin's grandson, Greg, is stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego.  He was burnt on his hands and forearms yesterday, pretty badly. He is extremely doped up on morphine right now. Greg's whole life - that's all he ever wanted was to be a Marine!
From Martha Zona-grandson Samuel – infection flared and surgery was done to clean it out

From our prayer time on Sunday, July 1st:
~Dave & Sylvia Anderson are celebrating 40 years today!  Sylvia said there's no secret, just keep going.
~Cindy & Adam Namerow celebrate 20 years on the Fourth of July and Cindy asked Dave & Sylvia if they still see fireworks - she and Adam do!
~Martha Zona thanks everyone for prayers for their grandson.  He is doing better, healing, and will start therapy in two weeks.
~Ron & Faye Stewart are joyful-their oldest grandson passed his CPA exam.
~Jim Baughman shared that they moved their eldest daughter and he is   joyful that his mentor, Larry Scott, is in the pulpit today!
~Ray and Diana Eaton have two joys:  Diana's gall bladder surgery went well and she was home the same day; and Ray spent a good part of Monday at the Cleveland Clinic and he is cancer free (Happy Dance) and now only has to see the doctors twice a year!
~Boyd Lance thanked everyone for their cards and prayers for them. Donna's recovery will take 3 to 6 months and they are so grateful for their amazing church family.
~Anne Serafin's friend is on his final lap as he has brain cancer and they are trying to make every day count.  Also, Barb Shellhorn is home, but Sam is having a hard time cleaning and cooking by himself.  Any meals dropped off for them would be appreciated.
~Rev. Donna VanTrees asks for prayers for the three United Methodist    missionaries being held in the Philippines.  Pray for their release.
~Cindy Namerow's mom celebrated her 81st birthday this past week and then Thursday she fell and fractured her right shoulder.  Prayers for her to accept the help being offered.
~Elva Dunham said that Bill had skin cancer surgery Friday near his ear and yesterday they had trouble controlling the bleeding due to the Plavix he takes.  Prayers for healing and comfort.
~Dave Anderson shared that Ruth fell the other day and is doing okay, but looks like she was in a fight with Tyson (boxer not chicken guy).
~Patti Graves told us that Donnie is now retired because he lost his job.  She said he's okay, but he's home all the time now, so she's not.  😊
~Larry Scott mentioned that Jeff VanLoon is officially retired now.
~Through Larry Scott, Dottie shared that one of Dawn Rice's cousins lost a young son to drowning recently.  Prayers for the family.
Recovering: Garry Moore, Tom Repp, Rev. Donna VanTrees
Cancer: Diane McMahon, Rich Serafin, Terry Gayner, Zachary, Delbert Miller
Rev. Diane and family with her oldest sister’s death

Sunday, July 8th, 2018
Liturgist:        Cindy Namerow                                                         Greeters:  Ruth Hebble
Hymns:           Praise to the Lord, the Almighty                    verses 1 – 4                 #139                                                              Where the Spirit of the Lord Is                                                TFWS #2119
                        This Is My Father’s World                              verses 1 - 3                  #144
                        Let there Be Peace on Earth                           Sing twice                   #431                                          
        A favorite hymn of Ruth Anderson, Leonard Barnhart, Jane Corbus, Denny Ensign & Lil Tozser

Scripture                    Romans 12:17 – 19 & John 14:25 – 27                    Common English Bible

Romans 12:17 – 19
            Don’t pay back anyone for their evil actions with evil actions, but show respect for what everyone else believes is good.
            If possible, to the best of your ability, live at peace with all people. Don’t try to get revenge for yourselves, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath. It is written, Revenge belongs to me; I will pay it back, says the Lord.

John 14:25 – 27     Jesus is speaking to his disciples:
            “I have spoken these things to you while I am with you. The Companion, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and will remind you of everything I told you.
             “Peace I leave with you. My peace I give you. I give to you not as the world gives. Don’t be troubled or afraid.

Leader:    The word of God for the people of God.                           People:    Thanks be to God.


Trustees meet after worship this Sunday.

School My Sheep: August 4th It’s is getting closer!    Wow!  Your generosity is overwhelming!  With the donations already received we we've been able to purchase 100 mouse sets for middle school computers, 15 Large book bags for High School, and 30 headsets for elementary!  Add to that 14 binders, miscellaneous supplies and clothing and we're off to an amazing start!  
            If you'd like to start bringing things in, please feel free to do so.  Leave items in Fellowship Hall and we'll make sure they get to the right spot.  

            There will be a Tally board in the back of the church so we know what we have in and what's still needed.  Thank you all! Katrina (330)819-6890     Larry (330)887-5224